Unveiling the veiled

This is an amazing picture, it tells a story. A Google Reader feed pointed me to this article by G Willow Wilson. Let me pull out couple of the excerpts from article, before going ahead.

Excerpt – 1

When non-Muslims look at this picture and cry “Contradiction! See, she’s only pretending to be pious” I look and them and see a worldview irretrievably tangled in the idea that religion and sexuality are incompatible. They simply don’t have the tools to understand that the hijab is, for Muslim women, a symbol that separates public and private life; that at home a veiled woman takes her headscarf off, and has no qualms donning a little lingerie with her husband. Hijab is not a rejection of sexuality.

Eteraz.org ||

Excerpt – 2

If you are a man and you see a woman in a headscarf, it doesn’t mean that she rejects sex. It means she rejects sex with you.

Eteraz.org ||

I respect Islam and all that it preaches. But I’ve always felt that muslim women are subjugated with some of the Islamic practices, especially the dress code.

In my view is muslim women or for that any person is a individual first then he/she becomes a social animal following Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or anything. By individual what I mean is they will have different likes and dislikes and might follow different philosophies. If a person follows a religion, it doesn’t mean he/she has to follow everything it preaches. This individuality factor might make someone not like something that is widely accepted and followed. None of the religions (that I know of) forces anyone to do something that the person dislikes or doesn’t agree upon.

Muslims willing to follow hijab should follow, no one should be made to follow it by force. I believe the latter is more prevalent than the former. India is home to a huge muslim population, most of the muslim women here too wear veils. But given a choice most of them would want to take it off and be free of all the dress code.

Yeah, I agree with G Willow Wilson that the West most of the times sees Islam in a twisted way, thats because they are a more open society they don’t understand a lot of things. But whats wrong in being more open and liberal thinking ? does it in any way reduce your faith in Islam ?


11 Responses to Unveiling the veiled

  1. Manas says:

    You are merely imgining. You can see this post, where a documentary is posted about a survey in the uK, and most women say they choose to wear the veil.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Muslim women (Indians) with whom I’ve interacted atleast din’t share the same opinion as the UK women did..they din’t like wearing the veils, but had no choice…

  3. Manas says:

    You should have avoided generalising. Don’t be offended, this is supposed to be a constructive criticism.

    About Indian Muslims:
    India’s society needs a total revamp. The custorms and traditions have become weight for us. We do things without ever thinking why are we doing this! For the Muslims here, Islam is a set of practices to be repeated, for unknown reasons, a set of holy books to be read in Arabic (and no doubt most don’t know Arabic).
    So even religion is a custom, rather than being a philosophy. India is a in fact very bad example to examine Islam.

  4. Sweety says:

    As far as i know Islam, the reason for women wearing veils is to avoid guys to look at them with lustful intentions
    But will it not be good to teach guys to stop doing this sin than to make women wear veil?

  5. Manas says:

    Sweety, it’s both ways. Islam is not partial. In fact the Qur’an tells men to be modest BEFORE it tells women to guard themselves.

    Surah Al Noor
    VERSE 30: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do.”

    VERSE:31: “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! Turn ye all together towards Allah, that ye may attain Bliss.”

  6. Sweety says:

    I never said Islam is partial Manas..
    About veils, there are some practical issues, I am not saying one should go around wearing revealing cloths but not a veil.
    1.Do you know how hard it is to wear black veil on a sunny day?
    2. Can you imagine a girl working in todays competative world(who has to face other guys also unlike olden days where she had to face only limited ones as stated in VERSE:31) wearing a veil, will the guys around her be comfortable addressing to her issues when they can see only her eyes?
    Dont you think it is the time to change the rules a bit according to the changing world??
    Dont you think guys today have enough maturity to accept girls as individuals rather than the sex objects irrespective of wat they wear??

  7. Manas says:

    Okay Sweety, I did not say you said Islam is partial, that was a affirmation. 🙂

    About your points:
    I have no idea. Never tried it. 🙂
    Jokes apart, A full veil ( by which I mean a burqua ) is NOT mandatory.(See 1)

    Pont number two, in this case the word veil does not mean the niqab ( covering of face). It means a loose cloth over your bust.
    I know many women who wear the Hijab to work (which is not the burqua ) and they are absolutely okay with it. (See 2)

    Dont you think guys today have enough maturity to accept girls as individuals rather than the sex objects irrespective of wat they wear??

    NO (3)

    1 As far as I know, and as you yourself can see from the above text, it is necessary to hide a woman’s beauty. I interpret it this way: to wear clothes in a way that makes clear your “intention” is not to arouse men’s urges. I won’t argue too much about the details, but I am against the use of skin-tight (even though I won’t, if I have the power to, ban it )

    2 Regarding whether it is difficult, I strongly believe it is not difficult, but lack of commitment generally finds some excuses.
    But veil (face covering) is inconvenient, I agree.

    3 I have to put quite an effort to avoid a woman’s sexuality and to focus on her personality. And I am, among the men I know, a moderate. If you ever happen to overhear ‘men talk’ you will immediately give up this opinion of yours.

  8. Manas says:

    You can have a look at this for more detail.

  9. Sweety says:

    I think we had interpreted the meaning of veil differently, I meant the full hijab that covers whole body except hands and eyes..
    if ur referring to the lose cloths and the simple thin material which covers the bosom then I really don’t think it serves the purpose, I have seen many guys looking at gals with lustful eyes who wear decent cloths even with a veil(ur meaning;))
    I agree that a full hijab does hide gals from guys eyes but its not convenient to wear(u also agree to it)
    Now u tell me should gals wear cloths keeping guys in mind or keeping their comfort in mind.. I am not saying she should not wear decent cloths but she should have the rites to choose wat she wears.
    For Example: if she goes to a beach she should not be forced to wear a veil because of guys, she should be allowed to wear shorts or wat ever she is comfortable with..
    When guys go to beach do u think abt gals looking at u and wear a suite?
    Now dont u call this partiality?
    Why the world or gals should be centered on guys!!!

    Comments on the link u asked me to refer to…
    The real index of the status of women is how much freedom they have in decision making in a family and in the society,
    >>They do not have the rites to make decision on wat they wear but they are supposed to make a decision abt the family!!!

    There are numerous incidents of wives/girlfriends being abused, beaten up or even killed in the United States
    >>Beaten up by whom??? the guys rite? dont u think it is because guys cant take girls being more powerful than them? now is it the problem of guys or gals?

    I am here to work, and not to flirt. I respect my religion and modesty, and I expect you to do so.”
    > I respect whoever said this, but wearing short cloths does not mean that u want to flirt, its the indication that ur comfortable with being a woman and can ignore guys who think that girls should be meek and try their best not to fall in guys lustful eyes

    Change the guys point of view if u can(which i know u cant;)) than put gals behind the veils…I know all abt ‘Men Talk’ and thats wat has to be changed not the gals:):)

  10. Manas says:

    You said: “Dont you think guys today have enough maturity to accept girls as individuals rather than the sex objects irrespective of wat they wear?”

    and you said “Change the guys point of view if u can”

    What’s your point?

    I know what it is: “I don’t want to wear hijab”: Well, don’t, nobody’s forcing you to. It’s between you and God. I will try to do my part (Surah A-Noor, 30).

  11. Sweety says:

    I expected guys to be matured enough but u denied it by mentioning that guys are not so!!!
    thats why i told u to change the guys mentality..:)

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