Britons are xenophobic and racists

Britons are the rudest of the lot. They ruled half the world till early 19th century, most of them think they still do. They still live in the myth that the colored people are inferior to the whites.
Take for instance the way house mates treated Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (a reality TV show). If these so called educated (I hope they are) “celebrity” house mates can do such a thing on television, think of the extent to which racism is entrenched in British society.

NEW DELHI: Renowned feminist Germaine Greer has lambasted the mean behavior of Shilpa Shetty’s Celebrity Big Brother house mates in an article published by The Guardian on Wednesday.”That is not surprising. This is a racist country; to the vast majority of couch potatoes out there, Shilpa is a ‘Paki bird’,” she writes.

Greer: UK a racist country-India-NEWS-The Times of India

Fellow contestant Jade Goody told the actress to “go back to the slums”, in a row that erupted over stock cubes.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Shetty fears Big Brother ‘racism’

I mean a house mate refused to call Shilpa by her name, instead they used the tag “the Indian”, man !! this is heights. There are lots a instances where she was ridiculed because she was coloured and an Asian.

Wake up you Britons this is not the same old India that you left in 1947, its no more a land of snake charmers. If Bangalore shuts down for couple of weeks, you can’t just fathom the kind of of impact its going to have. India along with China are a going to be a power house in a decade’s time. I guess by that time the whites will be minorities in UK and soon you might realize that the company you working for is acquired by an Asian firm, really it can happen. Increasing impact of Islam is not doing any good, Britons will become more and more xenophobic.

Faster they understand the better it is, because the rules of the game have changed. Treating Asians as inferiors at least at this point in time is foolishness. Its better they adopt the policy of “Give respect and take respect”.


5 Responses to Britons are xenophobic and racists

  1. Hi.
    Believing liberal notions of equality, tolerance and fairness amount to lowering standards, accepting evil and giving way to the lazy and inferior, I think you know broad brushing a nation with bigotry only reflects attitudes of the narrowminded critic, not on the object of the criticism.

    Treating anyone condescendingly, as in patriarchy, exposes the perpetrator but in no way reflects on the individual subjected to the abuse.

    Patronizing behavior is universal regardless of history or geographical location.

    Paint humanity with your accusations, but give your fellow citizens a break.

  2. aashithraj says:

    Well the comment from icanplainlysee was so enlightening.. It would have been better had he made life simpler by using simpler English and made me understand what he meant to say 🙂

  3. Anil says:

    “icanplainlysee” , hope you plainly see that India as a country has risen far and above what the “whites” think it to be.India is truly poised to take on the world, you like it or not.Britain’s PM hopeful, Gordon Brown,on a three day visit to India,could not but agree that India was indeed making a colossal impact on the world scenario.

  4. Anil,
    Please believe me when I say that Indian individuals in my life have done nothing but be honorable, decent people of industry and integrity,
    Britain has a different type of racism Americans don’t experience regarding most people of asian descent.
    And I agree, India the nation is rising. Good for them.

  5. Anil says:

    icanplainlysee,it was heartening to see your measured response.I sincerely hope that all the comments that we have traded here are all taken in good spirit.

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