Mad rush for fame

These days any reality TV shows are a big hit. Be it Indian Idol (Sony Entertainment television), MTV Roadies, FameX (SAB TV) there are a few more shows names of which I cannot recall. It is the keen interest of humans to watch others expressing their emotions in adverse situations that makes such shows get high TRPs. Its like “I would not like to be in that situation, but I would like to see what people would do when put in such situations”, I guess every one feels like this. This doesn’t mean that we all are voyeuristic, but yeah within limits (this again is very subjective) it can be entertaining.

There is one more very important point that Rashmi Bansal points out in Lame Fame. Reality shows have become a ‘fame game’. Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks winning a reality show will make him famous, this has become a short cut to fame.

It can be a talent hunt, search for a singing talent or something, more than half of the people who take part might not have even sung songs in bathrooms. Sometimes I feel that we really need to appreciate the optimism of these people. Nah, its not optimism its foolishness. Just for two minutes on national television they are ready to do anything.

The fame that people get winning such shows is temporary, I don’t remember the winner of Indian Idol 2. Even if they happen to be some what famous they can’t live up to the standards of their professional peer. Take for instance Ranvijay (winner of MTV Roadies) is a MTV VJ now, there is no way otherwise that he would have become a VJ. Honestly he does not have even a ounce of VJ quality (in my opinion), he is no where close to Nikhil Chinappa or both the Cyrus(es) of MTV. Being famous and not being the best, who wants such fame.

Then why this mad rush ? But somewhere I feel all these people were right, Rashmi Bansal rightly puts it…

“At the end of the day we all want to feel we are more than a speck of sand in the universe… That our presence on this planet made some kind of difference. Hota hai ya nahin yeh alag baat hai, but hey – you can’t blame them for trying!”

Don’t be surprised if I go a bit cranky, participate in one of these shows and become the next Indian Idol or a MTV Roadie…


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